Toto, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Paris Anymore…

    April 24, 2016
    Niort Picture

    If the title of my post hasn’t given you any idea’s, well, the hubby and I have moved from Paris to a little city -town, maybe?- called Niort. Frenchie received a job offer, and after making a bunch of pro’s and con’s lists, we decided to make the move to Niort. 

    As much as I love Paris, and hate it, the time to make changes was sorely needed. Frenchie and I don’t benefit much from being in Paris; it’s so expensive we can’t enjoy anything, and we’re kind of done with the party scene that once excited us almost 2 years ago. You can only have so many booze-filled picnic’s and metro parties before they lose their magic. Plus, we were so sick of living in a tiny, expensive apartment. Oh, and let’s not forget what every big city has to offer: assholes. Well, Parisian assholes are one of a kind, really. Let me stop though before I digress. 

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